Le Valentino, a historic restaurant in Troyes

The feel of the restaurant

The venue, a lovely half-timbered house, gives credits to the materials: wood, stone, and plants combine and respond to each other with harmony. Enjoying some time at Valentino means also paying attention to the details: the materials, shapes, stories… Simply put, le Valentino promises a great time.

Yes, the sky is always blue at le Valentino! Newly restored, the places there are harmonious, cosy, all with subtlety and simplicity.
On the veranda, elegance and serenity is brought by a modern and sober decor.
In the main hall, soft tones accented with golden accents give a chic and cosy atmosphere while still remaining relaxed.
Everything is in place for you to feel at home here!

For your business meals, le Valentino also provides you with a brand-new space designed for working time. On the 1st floor, a furnished lounge that can accommodate 12 persons is ready for your meetings.

The restaurant kitchen

Gilles André is an authentic, generous, bright and enthusiastic artisan who creates and combines flavours in his dishes throughout the seasons. The chef does not make any compromise on quality and freshness. On the menu the classics such as foie gras and lobster are revisited to today’s taste.

Demanding, always looking for perfection, he seeks fine products and works with local small producers. The meat comes from the Champagne region, the cheeses are matured by the Fromagerie Pouillot, and the organic bread comes from Boulangerie Gérard.

The menu evolves with the seasons, also giving pride to seafood products like turbot, sea bass, and scallops.

Constantly on the move, Gilles does not hold back to look far beyond our borders for inspiration. Constantly surpassing and challenging himself are natural things for Gilles. He gives the best of himself to amaze his guests with original recipes.

The restaurant’s terrace

Without doubt the paved terrace adds to the charm of the house. Located right in the heart of the city, but hidden from views, it emerges at the corner of Rue Paillot de Montabert, like a setting in an unspoilt place.

Its central location within the city gives it some kind of softness, especially when the night coolness is felt.

During fine weather, each table gets an appreciated shade that comes from a large skylight.

The restaurant’s cellar

No less than 200 references are offered by Valentino on its menu. The wine list has a wide range of choices that can be chosen whether from well-known wineries or smaller confidential producers. You can rely on Claudine, who will provide you with valuable advice.