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Le Valentino, oeuf


Market Menu

This menu is not available at the moment


Le Valentino, dessert aux agrumes


A la carte Menu

(Starter, main course, cheese or dessert / Starter, main course, cheese and dessert at €55)


Red tuna tartare with Asian Vinaigrette, pickles and potato espuma

Ballotine of stuffed Quail, blackcurrant vinaigrette, pickled onions

Creamy white asparagus candied egg yolk and smoked duck breast

Lobster salad, guacamole, citrus fruits, carmine, yuzu and lemon caviar (additional €12)

Marbled foie gras terrine with Sangria, spiced red wine gel, orange, Granny Smith and figs ( additional €9)

Roasted scallops, heliantis and juice with pink berries (additional €8)

Main Course

Filet of beef, crispy potatoes, porcini mushrooms, candied shallots and red wine sauce (additional €10)

Veal Quasi, peas, artichoke, wild garlic pesto and short juice

Meagre fish, einkorn, green asparagus, lemon thyme emulsion

Saddle of rabbit, grilled octopus, Colonnata bacon, chorizo and braising juice

Roasted turbot, asparagus, marrow bones and meurette sauce (additional €12)

Lobster risotto, mushrooms, shellfish emulsion (additional €25)


Pear, blackcurrant, chestnut

Poached figs in red wine and blackcurrant crumble, sorbet and passion fruit

Different textures of chocolate tart, spicy caramel

Red fruit soup, Mara des bois ice cream, pistachio cream, basil oil 

Cheese board

Le Valentino, plat de rouget


Seafood Menu

2 persons minimum

Roasted scallops, heliantis and juice with pink berries

Roasted mullet, beetroot in variations, smoked eel, horseradish emulsion

Champagne’s Ratafia granita

Roasted lobster with Tandoori spices, carrots, citrus fruits, coriander, shellfish emulsion with Timut pepper

Platter of fresh and ripened cheese

Dessert choice